Rhyming Stance
17 May - 3 June, 2017
Stained ceramic, tumeric dyed silk, stainless steel chain, toffee, ply, acrylic, led light.
Additional exhibition text below. 

Exhibition text:
I am thinking about joy as something that lasts and something that fades like stained stoneware and hard boiled candy. My casual worker body holding onto a pair of pants. I remember things aren’t fixed, this is just a pause in the life span of the pants. These pants are made of the ground and fired at 1300 degrees. Stained with oxides to make patterns using the technique that candy makers use, called Millefiori (1 million flowers). A pause, a holding stance. A position can’t be held forever and precariousness ‘is always relational and therefore shared with other precarious lives’[1]. Something for joy, rhymes with jumping.

[1] Isabell Lorey, State of Insecurity: Government of the Precarious (London: Verso, 2015)